ENT601 Innovation Leadership Podcast

This week we are discussing Innovation Leadership and what it means. In my podcast I discuss the definition of Innovation Leadership and provide some examples of people who have demonstrated strong Innovation Leadership. I also take some time to explain the difference between Managers and Leaders since they are often confused. Enjoy.

Innovation Leadership Podcast – Anthony Hogan

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  1. From the sound quality, to the music, to the content, you did a wonderful job of putting this podcast together. It sounds very professional. I like how you started off the presentation by defining the difference between a manager and a leader. I have never compared and contrasted the two, because I have never really thought about it, but I think you are spot on with your assessment. I have always been fascinated with Steve Jobs and his journey to success. In your podcast you talked about how he found people to fill the void in areas he was weak in, such as getting an electrical engineer to help with redesigning the computer power supply. That is definitely a characteristic of an innovative leader. He knew what his weaknesses were and he found a way to accommodate his needs in those areas. We all can learn a lot from his success and failures.

  2. Tony,

    I am very glad that you decided to break down and define all the forms of leaderships to start it to lay a ground work. I definitely agree with you about the leadership and manager differences. Managers are not always leaders and vice versa. You did a great job writing out your entire script and clearly knew exactly what you wanted to say. You also do a great job reading it smoothly as if you are talking. It does not sound uncomfortable and in other words, read off a page for the first time. Your topic seems interesting as well.

    Turner Votipka

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