ENT610 Greatest Marketing – Outdoor Ads Review

Outdoor Ad 1:

Advertisement Brand:  PETA (Boycott SeaWorld)

Description: The ad is placed on the side and back of medium-sides trucks showing a killer whale (Orca) trapped inside as if it is a fish tank. The words, “Prisoner of SeaWorld! Don’t Go!” and “Cllapsed fins. Broken teeth. Tiny cell.” are shown with the ads. The image appears very realistic and shows only a small amount of water at the bottom and the primary top fin severely bent over.  The tail is also curled up to reflect the lack of space. The image also includes the metal inner walls to give a realistic impression of looking inside the truck’s cargo area.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/outdoor/peta_peta_boycott_seaworld

Ad Company: Nim Shapira, March, 2019

Objectives: The objective would be to influence people planning to visit SeaWorld to not go as it would be supporting animal cruelty.

Target Market: The target market for the product would be adults planning to visit SeaWorld, environmentally and animal cruelty aware consumers and also children seeing the poor conditions of the Orca and influencing their desire to visit SeaWorld.

Actions: The ad is clear that it would like to stop people from visiting SeaWorld. Tracking would be difficult without seeing actual park attendance numbers to see decreases. Overall this is an awareness campaign with the hope of negative financial impact to SeaWorld.

Value Proposition: The value proposition is focused on the emotional. Not visiting SeaWorld makes you feel better about yourself and your efforts to help animals. The financial benefit of not visiting SeaWorld could be a benefit for some families, but not the target of the ad.

Note: The images were done very well and look quite realistic.

Outdoor Ad 2:

Advertisement Brand:  UN Women, GICC (Impossible to Ignore)

Description: The ad promotes women innovators by placing a zoomed in image of women’s faces and placing them on large outdoor advertisements. The words, “She is now impossible to ignore” are written across the ad in front of the women’s faces, but not enough to block their image.  At the top of the ad is the name of the innovator.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/outdoor/un_women_gicc_impossible_to_ignore

Ad Company: Havas, March, 2019

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to promote women in innovation and the trend of women becoming more known and having a voice in the business world.

Target Market: The target market for this product would be adult women in business and aspiring to achieve success in business. It is also awareness for young women and men not aware of women’s achievements in innovation. Adult males would be an indirect target market as it promotes awareness.

Actions: The immediate action is awareness only, but the information contained in the ad includes the women’s names that can be researched and the name of the campaign.

Value Proposition: The value of the ad is to support the growing population of women in innovation and to support women becoming innovators. This support is both financial and emotional. Emotionally it feels good and supportive to help women grow as innovators. Financially it is a reminder that there are candidates for innovation that may not have been fully utilized and should be considered for businesses.

Outdoor Ad 3:

Advertisement Brand:  Netflix (Ozark)

Description: The ads all show some reflection of the show (old wood, bullet holes in metal, etc. that look like a letter from the show title Ozark) The first ad shows a stack of one hundred-dollar bills in a spiral, representing the O in Ozark. The bottom of the ad includes the show title of Ozark with S$ following it, where the S is for season and the 2 is a dollar sign.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/outdoor/ozark_netflix_season2   

Ad Company: hi5, July, 2018

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to inform consumers that the next season of Ozark is coming to Netflix.

Target Market: Netflix subscribers that watched the first season of Ozark. Also, Netflix and non-Netflix subscribers that may decide to research the show knowing it has been successful enough to create a second season.

Actions: The ad does not call out any actions other than the awareness of a second season for the show Ozark. Indirectly the actions would be to research, subscribe if not a subscriber and watch the second season.

Value Proposition: The show provides entertainment value and associated value of the Netflix subscription. 

Note: I watch Ozark and found it to be a good (rough at times) show. However, this is the second group of Netflix ads that I find lack a bit in engagement. I would be curious to know how well they worked for the company.

Outdoor Ad 4:

Advertisement Brand:  Bojangles’ (Flour)

Description: The ad provides an image a Bojangles’ employee with his arms outstretched and white flour floating around both outstretched hands. The front of the employee’s apron says, “It’s BO time!” The text on the left side reads, “Biscuits from scratch every 20 minutes” promoting freshly made biscuits.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/outdoor/bojangles_flour

Ad Company: LGA, February, 2019

Objectives: The ad is to promote freshly made biscuits made every twenty minutes.

Target Market: Consumers interested in purchasing freshly made biscuits or when they decide to buy biscuits, they will consider Bojangles.

Actions: The ad does not have a direct call to action. The ad is to promote Bayer as a brand associated with fighting prostate cancer.

Value Proposition: The value is that consumers can purchase freshly made biscuits from Bojangles and if they wait a fresh batch will be ready every twenty minutes.

Outdoor Ad 5:

Advertisement Brand:  HBUS (Evolved Crypto Trading)

Description: This is a vertical ad showing the evolution of man (hunched-over monkey to standing man) with Wall Street next to the least evolved (monkey) and Coin Base next to mid-evolution man and HBUS next to upright man.  Underneath has, “HBUS Evolved Crypto trading”

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/outdoor/hbus_evolved_crypto_trading  

Ad Company: HBUS/Kevin Leu, November, 2018

Objectives: The ad promotes HBUS as the evolution of crypto currency beyond traditional and recent alternatives.

Target Market: Consumers interested in crypto currency and investing.

Actions: The ad does not directly have any calls to action and is likely an awareness campaign designed to get people interested and researching the company/product.

Value Proposition: The value of HBUS is promoted as an evolved solution for crypto currency.

5 thoughts on “ENT610 Greatest Marketing – Outdoor Ads Review”

  1. Tony,
    I really liked your ad selections for this part of the assignment. I particularly liked Netflix’s Ozark ad and the ad by Bojangles. The images that Netflix used for this ad are just amazing; I think they pretty much speak for themselves. I might be a bit bias since I watched the series already, but I am pretty sure this images makes viewers want to go and watch it immediately. With regards to the Bojangles ad, I mist admit, I was not expecting such a high quality ad for that type of business. It is finny and of high quality. Great work Tony!

  2. Great job again choosing very significant ads. I loved the innovative women one. I believe women still to this day do not get the credit they deserve. I know some women havent done anything but there are so many that have, and they are not talked about. I think your ad analysis was very detailed, and you nailed each one of them on what target audience each one had. Your layout is great, and I enjoyed reading them. Have a great evening.

  3. Hi Tony,
    Your selection of advertisements is different than what I have seen. When I think outdoor advertisements, my mind goes straight to billboards, but I forget about trucks and screens, and the like. Along with the Bojangles’ ad, fresh biscuits are extremely important. Have you ever had a biscuit that has sat too long?? YUCK

  4. I think the PETA ad gets their point across very well showing the whale in the back of the truck with little water to represent the confined spaces they encounter at SeaWorld. The amount of visibility they get from this “moving” advertising in that the truck could be all of a city in a day will increase their visibility of the message.


    Brandon Guidry

  5. Hi Tony,

    Your Peta ad really captured my attention. This ad had so many impactful elements that I can see why it has won awards. First off, the design is fantastic. I love how the whale looks trapped in the truck from many different angles. The text “collapsed fins. Broken teeth. Tiny cell. Prisoner of SeaWorld! Don’t go!” gives the reader a direct call to action and reads as if it’s almost a chant. I agree that the target market are adults who are planning on going to SeaWorld at some point in time. This message is too mature for children, but adults who care about animal cruelty would fit the bill. Your value proposition “not visiting makes you feel better about yourself” was so thought provoking and I can definitely see how this would be an affect. Great job on your ads!

    Carter Jones

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