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Anthony Hogan


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Magazine Ad 1:

Advertisement Brand:  Pet Nativa (English: Native Pet)

Description: The ad is an illustration that shows a cat in freezing conditions sitting on top or a mailbox post pretending to be a mailbox. The cat appears almost frozen with ice cycles hanging from it and the actual mailbox on the ground covered in snow. The message of the add is, “Prescription pet food they’ll go crazy for.”  The implication is that the food is so good your pet would be crazy enough to experience extreme conditions to get it.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/pet_nativa_pet_mailbox

Ad Company: Area 23, New York, 2018

Objectives: The objective would be to influence pet owners with pets requiring prescription food to try Pet Nativa.

Target Market: The target market for this product would be existing and future pet owners that have dietary requirements such as prescriptions and allergies.

Actions: While the ad does provide a link to petnativa.com.br, the overall value for the call to action is quite limited. The website redirects to elevenchimps.com.br due to either a name change or acquisition.

Value Proposition: The value proposition is to offer pet owners an option when it comes to prescription and allergy related pet food that their pets will enjoy. The Eleven Chimps value appears to include overall healthier food for pets with great taste.

Magazine Ad 2:

Advertisement Brand:  Netflix (13 Reasons Why)

Description: The ad is for the series 13 Reasons Why presented on Netflix. The ad shows 14 cassette tapes in a circle with their tape run through a key hanging below them in the center. A key hole is located just below the hanging key and a title is next to the key for the “13 Reasons Why” series.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/13_reasons_why_netflix_13_reasons_why

Ad Company: ImageMassive, December, 2017

Objectives: The objective of the ad was to announce the series to Netflix subscribers and people who know of the book.  Those not familiar with the book or story may be intrigued to research.

Target Market: The target market for this product would be those familiar with the 13 Reasons Why book and are interested in seeing the video adaptation. Also, Netflix subscribers looking for new content that relates to teen challenges and suicide related stories.

Actions: The actions implied by the ad are to look for the series in 2017.

Value Proposition: A person with Netflix subscription will be able to view the series. Existing Netflix subscribers benefit from new content and non-subscribers may consider joining the service to obtain such content.

Note: I selected this ad because I am familiar with 13 Reasons Why, but only limited.  I found this ad to provide almost zero value for me and a few comments by others reflected some confusion. I think this ad is very targeted to a specific audience and is challenged to reach beyond.

Magazine Ad 3:

Advertisement Brand:  Revive Kombucha

Description: The ad is inserted into magazines and promotes the Revive Kombucha brand of drinks. The ad shows a bottle with the brand logo on it and a statement next to it on the left, “Expand your tongue’s mind.”

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/revive_kombucha_expand_your_tongues_mind  

Ad Company: TDA_Boulder, Feb, 2019

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to inform consumers that if they enjoy tea drinks (Kombucha specifically) they will find great taste with this product. The goal would be to inform those that already drink it and to expose the brand to those that do not know of it.

Target Market: Tea drinkers and healthier drink consumers would be interested in this product.

Actions: The ad provided the URL of revivekombucha.com for readers to access via any web enabled device.

Value Proposition: The ad provides the value of a great tasting drink. 

The benefits of kombucha, known to those interested in healthier drinks, is probiotics, boosted immunity, weight management, etc. However, the health information is not provided in this ad as it only focuses on the taste.

Magazine Ad 4:

Advertisement Brand:  Bayer  “Battle to the Bone”

Description: The ad provides an image of a bone with the center breaking out. The bone pieces breaking out from within the bone are in the shapes of warriors standing and on horses, ready for battle. The statement, “Confronting the Deadly Threat Rising from Within His Bones” and a reference to battling prostate cancer is waged within the bones.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/xofigo_bayer_battle_in_the_bone

Ad Company: Area 23, June, 2017

Objectives: The ad associates the brand Bayer with battling prostate cancer and helping patients to battle against it.

Target Market: Existing prostate cancer patients, potential prostate cancer patients and medical professionals.

Actions: The ad does not have a direct call to action. The ad is to promote Bayer as a brand associated with fighting prostate cancer.

Value Proposition: The value indirectly promoted is that patients of prostate cancer can fight better if they use/partner with Bayer products.

Magazine Ad 5:

Advertisement Brand:  Bill-E’s

Description: The ad shows a man with his shirt open and a large belly. He is holding a sandwich in his hands in front of him. His belly-button is a protruding pig tail. The statement, “Where you can feed your inner pig” is next to sign with the restaurant’s name. There are four ads in the series.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/billes_pigtails_campaign_4

Ad Company: Lewis Communications, December, 2018

Objectives: The ad promotes a message that people craving a hefty sandwich

Target Market: Consumers that purchase or plan to purchase food in the Fairhope, AL area and enjoy grilled meat sandwiches.

Actions: The ad does not give any direction outside of the restaurant name and a picture of the sandwich for consumers to determine if they wish to research and visit the location to purchase food.

Value Proposition: The value of the ad is that the food is hearty and when you want a good amount to eat, this restaurant can provide satisfying meals. The way the models are holding the sandwiches it also reflects large portion food.

2 thoughts on “ENT610 Magazine Ad Review Wk5”

  1. The Pet Nativa ad is very interesting in that I’m not sure it gets its point across in a great way. It is definitely eye catching and would make you stop to see what they are advertising, but I’m not sure the medicated pet food fits with the image.

    Interesting ad nonetheless.

    Brandon Guidry

  2. Great choice in ads!
    I am familiar with 13 Reasons Why and I have always thought that the marketers for this series must be really careful or delicate with how they promote such show. There has been a lot of mixed reviews from viewers about the show being careful not to promote suicide for the younger viewers. I do believe this ad did a great job at simply sending the message to watch the book turned series on Netflix. Great job, Anthony!

    Morghyn Rhynes

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