ENT610 Newspaper Ads Review Wk4

Newspaper Ad 1:

Advertisement Brand:  AARP

Description: The ad provides an example of how easily someone could steal money and valuables from you if you do not take steps to prevent the opportunities. The ad shows a handbag with only one strap hanging on the side of chair with the owner sitting in the chair and looking away. The handbag is wide open with credit cards and a wallet in easy view.  There is a message saying, “Free Money – Leaving your bag carelessly open is like asking someone to steal your belongings” and has a picture of a woman who was a former investigator for San Francisco’s District Attorney’s Office.  AARP provides information at the bottom to obtain more helpful tips through their organization.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/free-money/

Ad Company: DAE, 2017

Objectives: The objective would be to provide guidance to people regarding habits that will help them protect their valuables. AARP would be viewed as a trusted source and likely where people would go for more advice and assistance.

Target Market: The target market for this product would those over fifty that qualify for AARP as well as the elderly that either forget how or have little experience protecting themselves in the changing world. A side benefit is the information can be useful to anyone that carries valuables.

Actions: Directly the ad provides a way for people to obtain more information by going to a provided URL. The ad also includes a QR Code to obtain more helpful tips. Indirectly the ad has an immediate behavior modification for people trying to be more protective of valuables, which helps remind them of the AARP brand.

Value Proposition: The direct value of the ad is the safety of an individuals valuable.  The indirect connection is AARP as a source of information to help people live safer, more secure lives.

Newspaper Ad 2:

Advertisement Brand:  Toyota

Description: The ad is for the Toyota RAV4 vehicle. The image is of a white RAV4 vehicle with people dancing around it and with many cloud bursts of colors above it.  The message of the ad is, “Color the road every which way” and represents the Festival of Colors welcoming Spring. Spring represents new beginnings and activities, which the ad offers the RAV4 to help take people where they want to go.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/in-the-air-print/  

Ad Company: InterTrend Communications, 2017

Objectives: The objective of the ad was to associate the new beginnings of people with the use of the Toyota RAV4 to take action. The ad focuses on the emotional connection between fun and celebration of new possibilities with the vehicle.

Target Market: The target market for this product would be those celebrating the Festival of Colors and those with ‘Spring Fever’ to begin activities that would require a vehicle. People considering purchasing a vehicle may associate Spring with a time to begin new, including a new vehicle. Likely these are young professionals between 25-35 looking for an SUV option and no children (no children are included in the ad).

Actions: The actions implied by the commercial are to purchase the RAV4 to start new beginnings of Spring.

Value Proposition: A person desiring fun and excitement with the coming of Spring can use the RAV4 to go anywhere.

Newspaper Ad 3:

Advertisement Brand:  IKEA

Description: The ads in this series are for IKEA and promote an ‘early Christmas sale’ for customers. IKEA associates its brand with making things simple, so the ads include a lot of whitespace. To communicate the early Christmas message, the images are of a small (budding) Christmas tree that has an ornament attached to it. Since the tree is just starting to grow, it is bent over due to the weight of the ornament.  The budding tree symbolizes that it is not Christmas yet, the trees have not even grown.

Link: http://www.adeevee.com/2014/11/ikea-early-christmas-sale-outdoor-print/  

Ad Company: TBWA\Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to inform consumers that a sale is happening on a given date and that it is associated with early shopping for Christmas. Using Christmas, the ads connect with people’s holiday and family traditions while also appealing to those trying to save money while still connecting with the holiday.

Target Market: The target market would be those consumers that do early Christmas shopping and/or seeking (perceived) bargains from a sale. Since IKEA is home furnishings, it would be for those consumers planning to decorate their home and/or give gifts to others for their home.

Actions: The ad did not directly call actions of purchase, however it communicates a sale and date that consumers can prepare and plan to attend.

Value Proposition: Since the ad calls out a sale, the perceived value is savings off of regular prices on a given date at IKEA stores.

Newspaper Ad 4:

Advertisement Brand:  Dunkin Donuts

Description: The ad provides an image of a football referee looking into a ‘play review’ machine while holding his hand to his headphones as if listening to guidance from the main referee control room. The ‘play review’ machine has an attachment that helps to block external light and keep others from seeing what the referee is watching, which is what the referee is looking down. The image shows that a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee is laying just inside the protective view attachment with the referee using a straw to drink from it.  The message is, “It’s Good” refers to the outcome of a referee review that indicates a play was Good.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/dunkin_donuts_its_good

Ad Company: Hill Holliday, 2017

Objectives: The ad connects football (and sports) fans with Dunkin Donuts and promotes the idea that referees would call the iced coffee, “Good.”

Target Market: Sports fans, especially football fans that are existing consumers of or considering trying iced coffee drinks. An additional market would be consumers that consume iced coffees from sources other than Dunkin Donuts and/or did not know Dunkin Donuts serves iced coffees.

Actions: The ad does not have a direct call to action. The image of a referee drinking the iced coffee may encourage consumers to desire the drink. The association of football referees and Dunking Donuts would potentially resurface when consumers are watching football.

Value Proposition: The value promoted in the ad that the iced coffees are good based on review by a referee. The value is an association with the sport and agreeing on the call made in the ad.

Newspaper Ad 5:

Advertisement Brand:  Burger King

Description: The ad shows a beautiful back patio of an expensive home with furniture and a barbeque grill. The words above the grill are, “Flame Grilling Is Hard To Resist” and there is a sentence in the bottom left corner, “Former house of a retired McDonald’s President.” Burger King is known for promoting flame broiled hamburgers and competing with McDonalds on taste. This ad calls out that even a McDonald’s former president has a grill at his/her home because he/she enjoys the taste of flame grilling.

Link: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/burger_king_mcmansions_3

Ad Company: David, 2018

Objectives: The ad promotes a message that everyone enjoys flame grilled hamburgers, including McDonalds executives.

Target Market: Consumers that purchase or plan to purchase hamburgers from a fast food chain. Existing McDonald’s customers that might consider Burger King based on potentially better flavor food.

Actions: The ad does not give any direction, it is designed to communicate a message that even McDonald’s executives choose flame grilled hamburgers. This would create a question in consumers minds regarding why McDonalds promotes fried hamburgers while their executives eat flame grilled at home.

Value Proposition: The value of the ad is that if McDonald’s executives choose flame grilled hamburgers at home, Burger King may be worth a try for a better tasting hamburger. Existing Burger King customers would feel validated that they selected the better quality food from the two chains.

10 thoughts on “ENT610 Newspaper Ads Review Wk4”

  1. The Burger King ad stood out to me. Growing up I loved to go grocery shopping with my Mom on Saturdays and afterwards we would go by Burger King and order a whooper junior, no onions…oh, how I loved whopper juniors! I agree with this ad that we do love flame grilled hamburgers! Yet, something has changed with the way Burger King prepares their burgers because they do not stand up to what I used to get…something in the preparation is not the same. They should go back and really try to capture what they lost. On another note, I am noticing that more and more advertisements leave subtle clues into what they are advertising, making the viewer really have to look to figure out what the message is. Perhaps this gets viewers’ attention more.

  2. I love all of the ads that you selected this week. They were all well-done advertisements that really made you think. I like the Burger King ad because I am a big fan of grilling and look forward to the warm weather because it means time to break out the grill. My dad would actually open the window and grill in the rain sometimes!

    Keep up the great work.

    Warm Regards,

  3. You have chosen very interesting ads to review. Also, you did a great job analyzing the ads and their focus. I think the AARP ad is very effective by the image of an open purse and the caption stating free money. It’s relatable because anyone, especially older generations could easily forget to secure their valuables. The Ikea used slight humor with the big star on the little tree, However, the Burger King ad was hilarious to me. To me, its the most memorable.

  4. Tremendously thorough review Anthony. It always amazes me what attracts people. For example, we all know that donuts taste good but we also know that donuts may not be particularly good for you. Yet, every morning I can drive by a Dunkin Donuts and the drive through line always wraps all the way around the store. The Burger King store has been my downfall many times but as I get older I try to stay away. Perhaps once every couple of months now. The ad itself was very interesting as it was describing “McMansions” with a statement that “flame grilling is hard to resist” and with a beautiful patio area of a supposed retired McDonalds Chief Operating Officer.

  5. Tony,
    Great ad selections! I also reviewed Toyota’s In the Air ad and it appears both of us came to the same conclusions, so I will leave it at that. My favorite ads were Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts despite not being a consumer of either product. I have noticed that humor is an incredibly effective way to capture an audience, Burger King has an obvious competitive relationship with McDonald’s, but they really tend to poke the bear… I remember a few months back Burger King re-launched their app and online ordering system. One of their marketing campaigns offered a 1-cent Whopper when ordered at McDonald’s (They basically GPS McDonald’s locations and enable their app system to place an order of 1-Cent if you where ordering from McDonald’s and then drove to Burger King to pick up your order). This was an attempt to drive up vehicular traffic at McDonald’s parking lots with people driving there, but not ordering anything instead just placing orders and driving over to Burger King to pick up their orders. It was a convoluted concept, but actually pretty clever.
    Great work Tony!
    -Jose F. Saavedra

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  8. Tony,

    My mother raised me with the habit of not leaving the bag I’m carrying open on any chair wherever I am & putting everything in closed pockets. She has taught me to be paranoid about everyone. With good reason!

    As for the Toyota RAV4 ad, again referencing my mom who drives a red Toyota RAV! Also, Jose later uses this ad as well – I dunno if you saw it or not. Not very relevant, just figured I’d mention it since I’ve seen it before. Though, if I did these Newsprint reviews chronologically, I would’ve seen this one first.

    The IKEA, Dunkin Donuts & Burger King all have quite interesting & intriguing ways to connect specific things with their company & products. IKEA connecting Christmas with their company through simplicity, Dunkin’ Donuts connecting Football with Dunkin’ being satisfactory & Burger Kind connecting Luxury with their “Flame Grilling.”

    The ads use unusual, but effective tactics to attract consumers to their products or companies.




  9. Hi Anthony,

    I really enjoyed reading your newsprint blogs because I too choose a few of the same ones you did and I loved reading about another perspective on them. I too analyzed the RAV4 ad with the white RAV4 and the Festival of Colors. To me, I saw it as celebrating minorities and their traditions. Holi is a popular Hindu festival that is famous for it’s bright colors. By having the white RAV4, I saw it as being a part of the traditions and how Toyota is showing itself as an inclusive brand. I like how you talked about Spring being new beginnings and how buying the RAV4 would be a start to new adventures. I think this statement hits the nail on the head with the “why” of the ad and the end objective would be for someone looking for this to buy the RAV4. Great review and I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    Carter Jones

  10. Anthony,

    I think most people know what AARP is and who their customers are. They did a great job with this ad because their customers are most certainly afraid of any kind of identity stealing or credit card theft. Technology scares our older population and this ad was very tastefully done.

    I reviewed this ad as well and thought it was great! Toyota has been adored by the older populations and need to start appealing to the younger crowd. You can see this with the introduction of the CH-R. You did an awesome job reviewing this ad, very detailed!
    I think everyone knows who IKEA is, but these ads don’t do much for me and I love shopping at IKEA. They have so many products that marketing is tough for them, everyone knows what they have and how cheap it is.

    I love the humor in the Dunkin’ Donuts ad, very well done and is sports related. Most people will know this is an NFL referee and will find this very humorous.

    I do not really understand the Burger King ad at first glance! After reading your review it makes much more sense! This message may have been lost in readers though.

    Thank you,

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