ENT610 Radio Ad Reviews

Radio Commercial 1:

Advertisement Brand:  Quikrete

Description: The ad is for Quikrete and their primary brand Quikrete.  The ad did not include any of the other brands under the Quikrete umbrella. The technique used in this ad was both humor and relief based on promoting Joy. The ads promote the speed of the product when used while providing a humorous shortened version of history representing speeding through time.

Link: https://fitzco.com/creative/quikrete-long-story-short/

Ad Company: Fitzgerald + Co, 2016

Objectives: The objective of the ads are to inform consumers that the product works (sets) faster than traditional concrete, saving time for those using it.  The ad does not mention price.  Since the ad does not mention any specific times, it utilizes the humor of shortening a story to represent ‘going faster’ than normal/expected.

Target Market: The target market for this product would be smaller businesses needing faster setting concrete (landscaping, small patios, etc.) and DIY consumers hoping to save time with their projects.  Due to the nature of concrete, larger businesses have specific requirements regarding composition of concrete based on location, weather, durability, etc., which would likely not include a speed solution versus a desired quality/type solution.

Actions: No actions were specifically called out in the ad. The ad provides information to those considering a purchase or have used other brands of concrete for projects and influence their net purchasing decision.  Those hearing the commercial would be provide incentive to inquire and review products for their speed of use.

Value Proposition: Saving time when using the Quikcrete product for concrete projects.

Radio Commercial 2:

Advertisement Brand:  Nissan Leaf

Description: The ad is for the Nissan Leaf, an electric car that does not us gasoline. The ad focuses on avoiding the hassles of gasoline cars by not having to go to the gas stations.  The ad does not promote other cars manufactured under the Nissan brand and is likely to help promote the change in Nissan’s vehicle technology.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/take-car-hassles-2/

Ad Company: Saavn, 2017

Objectives: The objective of the ad was to inform consumers about the new non-gasoline powered vehicle that would help consumers save time and hassle by not having to visit gas stations. The focus of the ad is on avoiding the hassle of visiting a gas station.

Target Market: The target market for this product would be consumers looking for options that may be more environmentally friendly and desiring avoidance of the typical gas station visits.  Likely these would be commuters that have electrical recharge stations that are accessible, consumers that drive most often near their home and environmentally conscious consumers.  A focus on consumers that may save time by charging their vehicle at home when not driving and avoiding the gas station visits.

Actions: While the ad media is listed as radio, there is a call to action at the end identifying a banner that can be clicked.  Likely this ad was for voice media via the internet but listed under Radio since it may have also had a version not calling out the Banner option.

Value Proposition: Save time and hassle of gas station visits by utilizing an electric car that you can charge at home.

Radio Commercial 3:

Advertisement Brand:  Skittles

Description: The ad is for Skittles candy made by Mars, Inc. The add continues the theme from other Skittles marketing ads around ‘Tasting the Rainbow’ of Skittles flavors. The ads include odd stories communicating being different. This ad tells the story of two men sharing Skittles and one of the men has an extra head, which results in the man with two heads getting two Skittles to every one for the other man. The ad promotes sharing Skittles.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/two-head-ed/

Ad Company: DDB Chicago, 2015

Objectives: The objective of the ad was to drive more sales of the Skittles candy.

Target Market: The target market for this ad is people that enjoy candy and specifically those that enjoy Skittles. Those unaware of the candy brand will likely conduct research and/or look for it during future shopping. Those aware of the candy will be reminded of the candy and the odd story promotes the uniqueness of the customer, like the candy.

Actions: The ad did not have a direct call to action regarding purchasing the product, but it did promote sharing Skittles and enjoying the candy.

Value Proposition: The value promoted in the ad is the value of the candy itself and how people desire it. 

Radio Commercial 4:

Advertisement Brand:  New York Lottery

Description: The ad includes a person pretending to be a cat and meowing. The announcer tells the audience that a very rich person has hired a person to meow like his dead cat as a memory. The person meowing does a poor performance and the announcer tells the audience that they would be better at being rich than the rich person who hired the man to meow. The ad promotes the idea of winning the lottery and that as a winner a person could do anything.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/kitty/

Ad Company: Casanova Pendrill/McCann, 2016

Objectives: The ad informs reminds people to play the lottery and that it will increase their ability to do things they want.  The ad tells listeners to play the lotter, which would result in increased sales of lottery entries.

Target Market: Lotter ads target those that enjoy gambling as well as individuals desiring something outside their current means with no risk.

Actions: The ad promoted the purchase of lotter entries.  The ad did not specifically identify where or how to purchase an entry.

Value Proposition: The value promoted in the ad is the value of the candy itself and how people desire it. 

Radio Commercial 5:

Advertisement Brand:  Motel 6

Description: The ad includes the spokesperson for Motel 6, Thomas Edward Bodett, talking about how digital photography utilizes filters to look like photos are from a classic camera. The ad changes sound filter to sound like an old radio broadcast as a comparison.  The conclusion of the ad identifies motel6.com and asks the question, “What is a dot com?” to complete the retro storyline.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/2014-radio-campaign/

Ad Company: The Richards Group, 2015

Objectives: The ad promotes the perceived value of classics and historically lower prices. 

Target Market: Travelers and those considering staying at a hotel/motel and looking for a lower price along with quality and value.  Motel 6 focuses on budget conscious travelers.

Actions: The ad instructs listeners to go online and visit motel6.com to book a stay at the hotel.

Value Proposition: The value of Motel 6 is the low prices for clean, basic rooms. Staying at Motel 6 provides a quality stay at a lower price than other lodgings.

4 thoughts on “ENT610 Radio Ad Reviews”

  1. Tony,

    I think you did a very nice job with your analysis. You provided a lot of information and you were very thorough. I had a hard time finding ads because I do not listen to the radio, not even Internet radio really. I also do not know many radio stations since I moved from Ohio (3 years ago!) and when I did listen to the radio, there were hardly any commercials.

    I think you did a great job analyzing every ad and your descriptions were very helpful to understand what the ad was for.

    Keep up the good work

    Warm Regards,


  2. Hello Anthony

    I liked the simplicity of the Nissan commercial above. It knew what its target market was and wasn’t trying to waste time convincing people it had no chance of convincing. This was a good example of an ad aimed at a very specific target market and got its message to them.

    Brandon Guidry

  3. Tony,

    Solid breakdown of the radio ads this week. I have been listening to ads from each of everyone’s posts and have gone into ad overload (it’s a good thing). From your post, I chose The NY Lottery ad. I believe this ad even though annoying, added a little bit of listener surprise. If I heard it the first time, I would been wondering where the ad could possibly be heading, leading to me to listen to the whole thing. In the end I believe the ad was pretty funny and defiantly brought more awareness to the lottery, although I don’t know if it would lead me to buying a ticket exactly. I look forward to more posts from you. Have a good week!

  4. Hi Tony,

    Really great analysis of the radio ads. I particularly liked the Nissan Leaf ad because it did cater to a specific audience whereas some of the other ads were more generalized. Although radio does reach a wide audience, I feel like targeting specific niche groups of people should be more rewarding than targeting a large group? I also think the Nissan Leaf target market could be someone who is too busy to take time to pump gas. This way more work could get done by switching to electric. Great analysis, I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    Carter Jones

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