ENT610 Television Ads Review Wk3

Television Commercial 1:

Advertisement Brand:  HP Inc.

Description: The ad represents HP as a company and how it views people versus the technology they sell. I really liked this commercial as it called out the hiring biases that exist. While this ad was focused on the African-American demographic to help reflect the values of the company and appeal to the challenges faced by African-American candidates, I truly appreciated the message.  I have seen talent lost many times due to biases and fear of differences.  Monitoring the incoming talent pool, resume submissions and applications should yield measurement opportunities. 

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/reinvent-mindsets-be-in-touch/  

Ad Company: FF Creative Community, 2018

Objectives: The objective would be to increase diversity in the HP talent pool and from this ad specifically and increase in African-American talent.  I was glad HP did not create a sense of ‘quota system’ in their message, but a message of hiring qualified candidates.

Target Market: The target market for this product would be African-American job seekers and candidates, but should also encourage a diverse audience.  The ad included the emotional connection between applying for a job and the pain of rejection.

Actions: While no specific actions was identified, the message was that HP is hiring and qualified candidates will be accepted for roles regardless of race. 

Value Proposition: Qualified candidates get jobs at HP, regardless of race (specifically African-American for this ad).

Television Commercial 2:

Advertisement Brand:  Goya

Description: The ad is for Goya marinade and how using it with meats helps to improve the flavor for adults and children. The ad provides a run through of ingredients and the associated positive flavor they produce. A mother asks what the children will eat and the person cooking says they children will love it also. The end of the commercial communicates a message of teaching children about flavorful food.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/more-than-one-flavor/

Ad Company: Dieste, Inc., 2018

Objectives: The objective of the ad was to provide an overview of the ingredients, communicate that it is good for both adults and children.

Target Market: The target market for this product would be amateur grillers/chefs trying to improve the flavor of their foods without having to know a lot about cooking. A secondary market is for parents that may feel they are not providing a flavorful experience for their children.

Actions: The actions implied by the commercial are to purchase the product when planning to grill.

Value Proposition: Avoid the hassle of preparing your own marinade or worrying about ways to make your grilled foods taste better. Also, the product will appeal to adults and children.

Television Commercial 3:

Advertisement Brand:  Jockey

Description: The ad is for Jockey underwear and is a very inspirational message. The point of the commercial is to talk about what’s inside a person, but they use what’s underneath the clothing as a metaphor. This commercial included a war veteran that had been injured and has prosthetic legs. You would not necessarily know this when he is wearing clothing (shown at the end of the commercial), but wearing just the Jockey underwear you can see the prosthetic legs clearly. The commercial offers the story behind the injury told by the veteran.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/show-em-whats-underneath/

Ad Company: Pure Growth, 2017

Objectives: The objective of the ad was to show Jockey as a partner/supporter of people and to inspire people to be their best and face challenges.

Target Market: The target market would directly include male (indirectly female) veterans, military members, athletes. The ad would also include those wanting to do more than they are currently and are inspired by the message.

Actions: The ad did not directly call actions of purchase, likely to keep the inspirational message separate.

Value Proposition: The value promoted is that those will inner strength and confidence and those that overcome obstacles wear Jockey.

Television Commercial 4:

Advertisement Brand:  JP Morgan Chase

Description: The ad provides a small glimpse into the life of an artist (Red Hong Yi) that is creating art. The commercial talks about how she is using her Chase account to pay anyone at any bank. She uses her account to also pay for a plane ticket so that her father can visit her during her art exhibit.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/chinese-your-way/

Ad Company: InterTrend Communications, 2018

Objectives: The ad provides limited information about the ability to use Chase account features to make transfers. The ad indicates the features can be used to ‘pay’ anyone at any bank, but it also shows her transferring money to her father for a plane ticket toward the end of the commercial.

Target Market: Individuals and business owners that need to send money (payments/transfers) to another person/entity. Chase account holders.

Actions: The ad promoted the use of Chase account features, implying that to have the same capabilities you would need to be an existing Chase customer or become one.

Value Proposition: The value promoted in the ad is the use of features available to account holders.  In this case it is the ability to transfer money from a Chase account.

Television Commercial 5:

Advertisement Brand:  Proctor & Gamble

Description: The ad focuses on how mothers see their children and the challenges faced by those that are considered different.  The commercial includes a diverse mix of children and their mothers watching their hope and dreams for the future.  The focus relates to the Olympics as this is also an Worldwide Olympic Partner message. The hashtag of #LoveOverBias is included as a message of not being biased towards others. The commercial ends with one of the children skiing down a hill for the Olympics to fulfill her dreams.

Link: https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/love-over-bias/

Ad Company: Wieden + Kennedy, 2018

Objectives: The ad promotes inclusion of people regardless of differences. It is to promote a reflection of the company values and beliefs. 

Target Market: Anyone who is either challenged by differences or a supporter of embracing differences.

Actions: The ad is meant to promote the brand as embracing differences, so no direct actions are identified. Likely the message will connect consumers with the brand and encourage consideration when they purchase products in the future.

Value Proposition: The value of the ad is that if a consumer purchases products from this brand they will be supporting the same values and beliefs. It is an emotional connection and value.

4 thoughts on “ENT610 Television Ads Review Wk3”

  1. Tony,
    It appears that great minds think alike – both of us selected the Goya and Jockey TV ads for this rounds of analysis. I will skip my comments on both of them, since both of us came up with very similar assessments. I really liked the HP ad, especially the end when the senior HP executive comes out and says it is time to “really be in touch.” These ads, including your Proctor & Gamble selection, are ads that rather than explicitly “selling” their products, focus on their corporate values. By doing so, they are also reaching an audience that strongly values an organization’s community engagement and social responsibility. This is becoming more and more important in today’s business world. I think this also a very unique and smart approach to marketing a business.
    Great work Tony!
    -Jose F. Saavedra

  2. Anthony,

    I really enjoyed reading over each of your analysis and the format of your text made it very easy for me to read the material and have great understanding. I really liked how each of your ads had a lot passion behind them, with HP showing that they don’t discriminate and Proctor & Gamble focusing on mother’s caring for their children when dealing with differences, these are all sure ways to catch viewers attention. Each of your analysis were very thorough and clear cut and I am looking forward to reading more of your post.

    Morghyn Rhynes

  3. Before reading your analysis I had already viewed all the ads in your list. So I had already watched them prior but your analysis of each ad is very detailed. I see that you chose ads that meant something to you, and that is awesome! I liked the layout of each analysis and how you hit on each topic that we needed to address in our reviews. You did a great job and picked great ads to review.

  4. Tony,

    Very thorough analysis! My favorite commercial out of this group is the Jockey ad. I am a sucker for inspirational stories. I like the message that what really matters is what’s underneath, even though you can’t always see it. Very profound!


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