ENT645 – Direct Response Tool


          A Direct Response Tool is a way to capture the interest of potential clients that may have an interest in the products and/or services your company offers.  The idea is to create a compelling offer that a potential client would find of value.  In exchange for the offer, the client must surrender their contact information.  This allows two opportunities.  The first is to gather contact information on potential clients for future marketing opportunities.  The second is to expose the products and/or services offered by your company.  What’s the difference?  The first allows actions to be taken to connect with the potential client.  The second reflects the continued engagement of a potential client with your information based on their actions.

          This means that not only should a company provide a compelling offer, but they should also include enough information to allow potential clients to learn more and explore on their own.

          Reviewing the Acquisition Funnel, which there are many versions:

Awareness -> Consideration -> Conversion -> Retention

Direct Response Tools allow a company to raise awareness of their products/services and begin the filtering process.  The offer is intended to gain the interest of those potential clients that align with the products/services offered by your company.  Once a potential client engages with the Direct Response Tool, the process allows basic filtering to understand the interest level.

It is important to note that raising awareness and providing opportunities for potential clients to consider your products/services is a professional engagement.  If a potential client feels you are chasing them or being to ‘pushy’ in your approach, they may lose interest before actually learning anything about a company’s products/services.

Here is my Direct Response Tool Summary.