ENT645 Wk4 – Logo and Justification

When considering the logo for the company, my business partner and I discussed what our brand and message would be.  We like things to be simple and have had great success in helping others take their complicated challenges and create simple strategy and path forward solutions. We have been creating solutions for people over many years. Some of our best solutions for people involved thinking differently, seeing how things fit together that might not normally be considered.

The design needed to convey a message of solving, like solving a puzzle. Since the pieces fit together like puzzle pieces, it reflected our solution focus.  The three pieces fitting together showing relationship and connectivity.  The three pieces also represent the three focus areas of Solv360 – Strategy, Sales and Marketing. Lime Green for Strategy, Royal Blue for Marketing and Sky Blue for Sales.

The goal was to create a logo that allowed us to include the company name, but also have a logo that can be used independently and allow for our tagline.

Please find my screencast here: http://youtu.be/Op5w_60HO60?hd=1