ENT645 Wk5 – Elevator & Extended Pitch

The goal of an Elevator Pitch is to reduce your company message down to a short time frame that would reflect the time it takes to ride an elevator. These pitches include a brief description of you, your company and the value proposition. I have created an elevator pitch for Solv360 and included it with the link below.

Anthony Hogan ENT645 Elevator Pitch for Solv360

The Extended Pitch included more detail than the Elevator Pitch and is the follow-up to an interest expressed by potential clients to learn more about your company. The Extended Pitch includes descriptions of your company, product/service offerings, value proposition and next step/engagement options. Since this is a presentation versus presenting in front of a group, the timing will be faster than with an audience. Estimated time in front of an audience would be 10-15 minutes. I have created a screencast of my Extended Pitch and provided a link below.

Extended Pitch Screencast: http://youtu.be/YsPLyRUsaWg?hd=1